Musings: Writing blind….

I am starting to enjoy to type blind…. close my eyes, which seem to be sore from staring at the screen the entire day, relax the hands, assume the piano-curled-fingers position over the keyboard, and… now ifonly I had something of substance to say.

These last couple of months have put me through more of a turmoil than perhaps the past five years. Women, ailments, etc. etc. etc… anyway, feel like life is starting to slowly catch up to me. Scary.

Good news: now I can crank out personal sites like nobody’s business… part of So if you want, let me know. Also, put together a prototype for a site that would notify girls about the best course of action necessary to avoid pain due to their period cycle. Now all I have to do is find some nutrition/health experts. Or perhaps I should just open this site up and allow everyone to post different strategies that people could then rate? Anyway… if anyone has any ideas, especially on how to use this thing to bring in some financial interest so that I could actually spend my time on this, drop me a line.

Eyes tired. Gym membership cancelled… or is it? I think I may be living proof of what not excercising for 2 months can do to one’s body and immune system. Time to get my ass in gear.

Shoot, just realized that despite the title of this article, about 50% of it was written with my eyes open… Perhaps I should make writing blind a habit? Perhaps with my frogpad?


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