Diary: a day in the world…

Someone sent this to me about a week ago… don’t remember who… THANK YOU – this is probably the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages 🙂

Strange things have been happening. Again that feeling of life being a Markov process: every moment independent of its history. Can’t figure out whether I am persuading myself of what I feel… if I am maturing or regressing… lines are blurred, what’s right and what’s wrong are turned upon their heads except in extreme situations. A perpetual haze possibly induced by not going to sleep when I should (half an hour ago)…

And now this paranoia of seeming conceited if I say all I think, which, in itself, is a sign of my immaturity. Or desire to be immature. Before this digresses into philosophical implications of my petty existence, I think I’ll end this completely pointless post.

Questions that worry me now:

1. Am I getting shafted by T-Mobile?
2. Does GSM cause head-aches?
3. When will I have time to work on eDebate?

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