Request: Braille???

Does ANYONE out there know of a good place to learn Braille in NYC? Why is this “only for the disabled”??? I spend hours in front of a monitor, my eyes are tired at the end of the day, I want to read something without using my eyes, is that so wrong?!?!?!?!? Yet at this point Braile seems to be unpopular among the sighted… lame…


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2 responses to “Request: Braille???

  1. May sound odd, but check out the colleges. They may have non-credit courses you can take, and braille may be amongst them. Hell, if American Sign Language is given at my community college, New York colleges most certainly offer braille courses.

    • time time time. No time to take a course in BRL. Besides, it shouldn’t be that hard… Though my mind so far is blown by the prices involved. Printers seems to start at over a grand and the book selection I’ve found so far seems iffy at best. This should be made into a trend for everyone. Just imagine: “Did your lover fall asleep before you? Do you want to read but can’t turn on the light? No problem! Braille bed-side novels are only 5.99 plus S/H!”

      Braille and sign language.

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