Musings: post-Italy…

I wish I had the time to jot down all of my thoughts. To do as once did when doing a research paper or in a physics class when I take all of the havoc in my head and lay it a dusty layer atop whatever is in front of me so that I may be able to, afterwards, construct the thoughts out of ideas like a puzzle out of a 1000 piece set.

Recently came back from my trip to Britain, Italy, and Croatia. Something occured to me on this trip – there are two ways of thinking about life: static and dynamic. The static thought is that of a perfectionist… or an individual who wishes to be at some place at some time – when every action has a purpose to attain something. And then there is the dynamic percetion when one lives in the moment and gets pleasure from perpetual motion – when life is improvisation. Of course sometimes the two merge into bliss… when, for instance you are falling asleep in the arms of a beautiful woman and can just pass out there and then, when actions serve no purpose other than enjoyment of the moment… But other than that, it’s all improvisation and if it stops, if there is stagnation, people become miserable. I become miserable. Miserable, insecure, paranoid, etc. And when sitting down behind a piano, I find that I get immense pleasure from hearing a single note. And even though that the moment is arguably static, I take pleasure from the process…

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