Diary: Blading in Manhattan + Capoeira

Rollerblading in Manhattan is nothing short of awesome. Let’s see:
– 53rd and 9th down to Ave A and St. Mark’s – 25 mins (twice)
– 53rd and 9th down to Battery Park and up to 70s – (leisurly stroll)
– 53rd and 9th up to 96th and Riverside
– 96th and 3rd down to my 53rd and 9th – 20 mins

My back is loving me right about now… as are my firm thighs and muscular legs… and I bladed the last two in an athletic shirt (aka wifebeater, ugh… hate that name)… so tempting:

“Do I make you horny baby?” – thank you Austin Powers, you’ve secured my perversity, which was manifested today in my cliche entrance into a bar with the immediate reaction of being snubbed by a blonde. Wifebeater concealed by a loud and busy shirt at the time. All in all it was a surprisingly good night.

Minor Capoeira note: noticed today that it’s possible to change the finishing position by shifting the weight with respect to the base leg. Interesting to try it in the roda…

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