Dreams: Birthday and Mafia, Geek Chair.

Please hold while I drool…

Sneaking into places kicks ass.

Was so exausted yesteday that passed out around 10pm. Emotionally, physically exausted. Woke up at 4:30 am. Thought I’d do some work, but crashed an hour later… to see an awesome dream.

The dream – Birthday and Mafia

Alex’s birthday.
We are all hanging out at some hotel building where we’ve never been.
Alex is irritated by a friend. Alex chases friend. After a long run they end up in a hall where the friend runs all the way to the end of the hall and does something that cases Alex to have to run to that end himself. Then the friend runs back and we all hear a huge BAM!
Alex comes out smiling – turns out it was a birthday gag: when Alex was running down the hall, a rope was let go and a huge slab of stone fell and shocked him with its sound. He loves it. We hang out and party.
A group of students arrives next door. They are also of the partying bunch. They join. A hot blonde makes some crude, yet arousing comments about having sex with me. Then the kids are mean. They make fun of me, one take a pack of sugar and puts it into my shirt. I’ve had enough and I start fighting him and then his friend comes about, and I fight both. For all their clumsy bullying, they are poor fighters and I easily beat them. They leave. I leave to the bathroom and when I come back I see a whole bunch of them hanging out. As I am passing Alex and friends, I mention that there’s going to be a fight. Alex and I are sitting at a small table latched to a wall. He places some money in the middle for a possible payoff. Instead of the guy I fought coming out, out comes a tall mustached man. He is charismatic yet clearly dangerous. Head of a mafia family. I am shocked. He comes by, we talk. He notices the money, takes it and says his good-bye. Alex starts saying
“Oh man… you’re in trouble”.
“Why? Isn’t that enough?” I ask
“No, man. I just put in a couple of bucks in there to get the guy off our back. It’s not gonna be enough for him.”
I go to talk to the mustached character, who is very non-chalant. I ask him how much he wants. 10 mil. Where am I gonna get that much. He tells me to figure it out.
Next scene, they are all getting into a black limo… a bus? a limo? Huge family. I go and plead with him to be reasonable. That it was his family that was disrepectful to me and I shouldn’t be held responsible. He says it’s not his problem. At that moment there is screaming in the back of the bus and a shorter sinister Mexican-looking character (recognized him as an actor) gets off and briskly walks away. The family head, an old man, is stabbed. He says “That was beautiful” clearly appreciative of the manner in which he was murdered. End of dream.

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