Diary: suspended animation…

It’s been ages since I’ve updated this thing… sorry sorry, but no time… not that I am getting anything done, but just no time to do the updates.

Recently read about possibly putting humans into hibernation (Scientific American – June 2005) – basically the idea is that it seems that metabolism of Oxygen is what is driving us. So if we either take away Oxygen and/or replace it with something that has the same structure but different chemical properties (CO2), then the mammal can actually be placed into a hybernation state. The reason we don’t enter into this state if, say, we are thrown into water, seems because between not having O2 and having lots of it, there is a dangerous area of not having enough with metabolism still being high, which basically kills the system. So, under proper conditions, it is possible to use several methods to slow down metabolism (and turn warm-blooded into cold-blooded revivable vegetables) for both entire bodies and body parts. Moreover, it has already been done to dogs and pigs, leading to believe that there isn’t anything that should really stand in the way of inducing hibernation in humans.

Yes… indeed… other than that, recently found out that there are 5 level 3 sex offenders in the area. All girls should know self-defense dammit (and spit venom upon request or, next best thing, have pepper spray on hand). The really disturbing thing is that:

a) I live in a really nice neighborhood
b) the victims were all under 18

Yeah… http://www.criminaljustice.state.ny.us/nsor/search_index.htm

Anyway… this is why there should be a completely open constant monitoring system such that if something is committed everit does not go unpunished. Yes, the system must be built carefully to Prevent assure, but I am willing to take that chance if it means that there will be no more rape or murder…

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  1. Only partially on topic…

    I forget what the term is for people who are aiming for immortality. There is an official term and they do have organizations. I remember reading an article by one of them, it was actually really humourous because most of the article I thought he was supporting that this is a bad idea, because well, more people being born, not enough jobs, food, space. He even mentioned the advertizing campaigns that he could envision, one being “Choose death or your child won’t have a job and will starve” Then he went on to say that he supported the idea. It was a completely ludicris article because all of his arguements supported the side that in the end he said he was against.

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