Event: Omulu Batizado

Going to Omulu’s Batizado – http://www.omulu.org/nyc/

Sunday 05.22 at 3PM
PS3 – Auditorium
490 Hudson Street btwn Christopher & Grove

It’s gonna be so good. Checked out their workshop on Thursday – good stuff. Might post some notes on it when I have time. New things learned:

Macaco can be taught by placing the hand perpendicular to the movement of the body (rather than pivoting during the movement)

Walkover and coming out looking forward – AU with outer hand facing in, reach for it with the leading leg

fake MLC, at the highest point of the kick, kick back into the bridge, switch hands, come out

Helicopter – start AU, then do MLC upside down, landing with the leg that lead the AU. i.e. if doing AU to the left, MLF upside-down with the right leg, step with the left. Didn’t get it yet :\

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