Problem: seeking the perfect analogy…

Report Manager is to Crystal Reports as…

  • velcro is to shoe laces
  • VB Script is to C++
  • building a house out of rooms is to building a house out of bricks

HELP!!! Need some analogy to demonstrate a relationship between:

Something that is very powerful, but requires time and skill to work with (Crystal Reports)
Something that is geared towards a more narrow domain, but does it faster and easier.

Report Manager:


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12 responses to “Problem: seeking the perfect analogy…

  1. airplane vs. bicycle? 🙂
    it must be a lot faster to learn how to ride a bike than it is to fly a plane.

    my 2 cents. 😉

    • Thanks. Actually thought of that – the problem is that with an airplane you can’t get anywhere faster than with an airplane, so the analogy is flawed. We are like an airplane that can only fly North, but can fly twice as fast… :\

      • hm… contagious disease vs. bullet?
        sorry…not a very positive analogy…. :)))

      • LOL. Here are some of Mac’s suggestions: Sowing machine vs. a needle, Shoelaces vs. velcro, Stairs to an exalator…

      • I like the sewing machine vs. needle!

        Stairs and escalators are about the same… actually, if you are going to the top floor- the escalator might be faster, as your legs and lungs are prone to get tired. 🙂
        How are shoelaces more powerful than velcro?
        I guess they can be tied in all sorts of powerfully creative ways :))

      • Shoelaces can be used to strangle people and stuff cause they rock like a motha with a wicked guitar and stuff.

        See, that’s why we are still looking for more analogies… nothing so far quite fits very well…

      • eshe ideya: computer i schety

      • Been there, done that. Same problem. Schoity do not give a sophisticated enough result nor do they do it faster (unless we take into account the time it takes to boot up a Windows machine 🙂 )

      • ok… microwave vs. regular oven

        are you sufficiently irritated by now or should i keep going? :)))

      • LOL. I think I ought to introduce you to Mac – you are both throwing my way all these household analogies 😉

        Not at all irritated. (why would I be????) Keep going 🙂

  2. Here’s another one that Mac must’ve thrown your way. Manual vs. Automatic.
    Manual – need to learn, but having done that you’re more versatile: choose the style of driving, choose how much you want to squeeze out of your car.
    Automatic – even a child can do it, but you’re only driving the way whoever tuned your car wants you to drive.

    • Hey, that’s pretty good. Though I wish it was a bit more transparent – something that mapped better conceptually. In your analogy there is no physical end result.

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