Diary: music and sleep…

Cultural injection today – mom took family to listen to Kisin.. who, btw, was absolutely amazing… at least to my plebeian ear.

An analogy came to mind during the concert – listening to a master play is for me (and probably for most) akin to listening to Dante Aligieri’s writing in Italian – it sounds beautiful (even if the listener would not be able to tell Dante from a newspaper article). Sometimes we would notice and recognize cliches that might make us cringe (a word we know here and there), or perhaps the opposite – mesmerized a passage unable to explain why it grabbed me… still, is it not sad that most people are unable to appreciate genius and see it for what it is beyond fashionable reverence of the valid opinion of the few?

The concert did result in my missing the Senzala Batizado… I do miss the bunch…

Sleep. Still running on the two from last night, and must pick up the car at 9 am before they slap me with a ticket. Looked around for Nutrition, Sleep, and Mood papers, came accross this. Where’s the content? Sometimes this stone-age-web-thing is really frustrating…

I am just cranky without sleep.


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