Diary: things I found out last night…

Things I learned last night:
– tablets are AWESOME!
– hanging out and coding is not just fun and surprisingly productive, especially if that someone is Andre
– eDebate might actually come alive soon (thanks to Andre, who helped me put it together)
– I am a schmuck and remember virtually anything about COM

Interesting how hanging out with the right person can actually influence one’s perception towards things. For instance, after spending most of the last 12 hours (less the last 2 during which I slept) with Andre at Cafe Esperanto, I have developed a curiosity towards certain aspects of programming that at other times seems tedious at best…

New way to understand REBT – aggravation of a problem (antagonization) and empowerment of the individual to deal with it… interesting element I realized only this morning when saw this pattern take place in life and the seeming ease, with which this worked its magic. Unless I misinterpreted, of course…


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