Diary: life works in mysterious ways…

Notes from today:

1. First time I’ve had to integrate love with soul. If one is of a romantic notion, then love is some sort of a bond that is created between two souls, which can answer the question of “why we can’t fall in love with just anyone”. This is all of course if we presume love to have some higher quality beyond chemistry.

2. Went to a psychology lecture with Ling. Main premise seems to be much like that of EMDR – malleability of the mind. Except here, if I understood the main idea, it seems that it is all about empowering the individual rather than “solving the problem”. First, eliminate negative emotions. Second, make a person seem sure of themselves. Third, generate an impression in them that the problem is solvable AND should be addressed. Optionally, augment perception of the problem. Raises many questions concerning effeciency, but all should be answerable via studies, which I am curious to see (or at least analysis of which would be interesting). Still, the method feels like that stuff of the stone age.

3. The main problem I have with blogs is that the information is not structured. Probably the closest analogy is to that of procedural languages vs. object oriented programming. So might we see OOBs? Object Oriented Blogs, where there is organization beyond memories?

Hmm… torn between sleeping and hanging out. The decision, however, has been made for me, so off to bed I go…

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