Musings: method of analysis and understading…

School is supposed to teach us how to think. Well, they failed – I can’t think. My thinking is a heuristic random process in dire need of sorting out (of course sometimes this is indeed an advantage – in poetry for instance… though if I don’t excercise this aspect of my thinking, it seems to disappear and then… faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak – can’t write poetry, can’t think straight – who’d want me?

Back on track – how do learn things. Learning via memorization is a sledgehammer approach that is ineffective and boring. Ideally, it should be a process of guided discovery. What is my purpose? My purpose is to understand and to apply knowledge to attain a certain result. Thus, first I need to find out if the answer to my question already exists. If not, I need to find out what I need to understand to arrive at the answer, and then go about getting that information (thank you, Master of the Obvious).

Thus, if my question is “How much sleep do I need?”, I should find relevant research, find and analyse relevant results, or conduct research myself. To find the relevant research, there are standard channels, but there is a lack of an integration framework that would facilitate this search – perhaps this could be an endeavor worthy of TARGET? A prototype could be offered to the academia – a modification on the wiki + my debate application (yet to be born). So much to do… so much opportunity to procrastinate… and people say one should never miss an opportunity…

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