Experiment: Memory 2 – visual vs. pronounciation

Tried to memorize gradually longer sequences. Revelations:
1. I have “pronounciation” memory!!! i.e. I can remember a sequence if I pronounce it (much like poetry), but if I simply look and try to remember, I can not!
2. My audio memory starts faultering on 5 double digits

This is an app for TARGET:

memory tracker module for self-monitoring.
– number of digits per number
– number of numbers

generate a string.
Attempt to memorize.
Record correctness of result.

User – experiment results

Time trends

What other variables could be extracted from results of this module? Are there other ways to test memory? Suggestions anyone?

Note: Consequence of above result is that possibly memorization of poetry to increase memory may be time almost wasted, as only one mode is being improved. Again, it would be curious to observe effects of different memory training on the brain to establish whether different mediums are being used to store information…

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