Diary: Orlando, memory excercises

Just went to see Orlando… Oh man, pop doesn’t change, does it? That is if Orlando was indeed pop at the time. OK beginning, slow middle, great music and a happy ending that is completely disjointed from the rest of the performance. And why is Zoroastro the only character, whose tone has a masculine quality?

Makes me wonder whether it is my taste that is crude and I have not yet learned the vocabulary necessary to understand (like complex jazz) or if there is a reason why people accept this… or perhaps I underestimate the complexity of how hard it is to put something truly good together and Orlando, albeit occasionally entertaining, simply fell victim to time – became obsolete…

So, in all, either due to my ignorance, good taste, or both, I am not very impressed and, while I did enjoy it, pretentiously think that I could do a better job. Very pretentiously.

Having said that, sitting there listening, I was hardly bored. The music did catch my attention at times, and it did cause my mind to wonder in all sorts of places. I felt overwhelmed, as I felt like I was a kid who could only hold two things one in each hand, but was manipulating a thousand-piece puzzle – half of the time I was trying to remember what it was I was thinking about that seemed so important barely five minutes ago. My visual memory is improving, but conceptual… a sad state of affairs.

Experiment for this week: every night, do several excercises with recollection. Recollection should be:

– numeric
– conceptual
– visual (photo)

I should also track progress to see if any improvement is seen. Again, thoughts wander back to LifeTracker, nutrition, sleep, etc. Hard to control all those variables in a young bachelor…


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