Musings: sleeping patterns…

The resiliency of a rested body is incredible – I’ve been up since 6 am, it is 5:13 (so 21 hours), and I am tired, but do not have the traditional aches that I usually get when coming home late. The difference is that I went to sleep early consistently for the past two days getting 9 and 6 hours respectively. Lifetracker definitely needs to track sleep. Does anyone know of any accessible research papers on the subject?

This, again, brings thoughts to a research aggregation system, which leads to eThought… oh, eThought, I love thee so…

Too much happened to day for the diary portion… not enough, but more than I am willing to write at 5:21 am. Short conclusions:
– girls with character can be incredibly attractive
– attended my first bachelor party
– saw – some really good stuff, actually. Some complete crap, but some incredibly interesting, inventive, and professional. Perhaps more on that some time later.


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