Capoeira: random thoughts…

I don’t like roda… too many people, not enough playing per-person. And I can’t think. Thinking outside the roda is hard enough, but in, trying to get the muscles to obey? Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Last class – double drills. Very nice. Simple stuff, but Tiba seemed to include things from other classes – worked in with an initial kick. For instance:

(directions from individual perspectives)
1: MLF:R
2: E:R:Nt:L, R.2:finP:Gb:E2:L – Work in Cxda

Something new – seems like straight out of Senzala:
1: Arm:R
2: E3:L, Mlo:L

1: fMLC:R
2: bMLC:L
1: Mlo:R

Notation modification: place entrance letter in the beginning? i.e. bMLC – MLC directly from LLB, fMLC – two step entrance.


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