Capoeira: variations post LLB:Sw and discussion of Ginga

Tiba’s class:

RLB, Ginga, LLB:Sw… from there
– Sw->MLC:R:FinNt, R.2:finP, E2:L
– Sw->E3:R, back foot (bf) forward into Nt:R, roll back (don’t know the name of the move – need to find out)
– Sw->E3:R, Rs:L:finNt:R, roll back/Macaco

Arm:R, Sw:Ps:L

Ginga… I’ve been playing Capoeira, and I still have huge problems with it – am too rigid, don’t know where I am going. But am getting different variations and reasons that different groups do Ginga the way that they do. What are the variations on moving around in ginga?

From LLB:

– steps (step parallel, step back)
– Nt – step through going to the left, rotate on the front leg going to back
– Esquivas

From parallel: step forward, sideways skips, Nt to change direction, Ginga back.

Aha! So Nt seems to be very effective to change the direction of accumulated motion. So, suppose I am finishing LLB from Ginga. Then, the momentum of the body is going to the right. From there, as I am pushing off with the left leg to go back into Ginga, the body starts swinging back. That momentum can be used by collapsing the front leg to go into Nt… Need to try to write out all the movements in terms of moment.


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