Musings: life coach

Recently was answering Ling’s e-mail about coming up with a scenario for a drug-abuse client, and this is what came out:

… blablabla about a kid (college) who has to take drugs to stay in school due to a competitive environment. Drugs take gradual toll on mind. Flip side is that without drugs, the kid would not be able to retain scholarship+stipend, which go towards supporting his family that is desperately in need. So, because of one of the drug-induced episodes, the kid lands in therapy and the doctor needs to:

a) establish rapport with an individual who does not wish to be there
b) persuade the client that the status quo is not acceptable
c) begin change towards a different status quo by helping the client resolve the situation, but this falls out of the doctor’s area of expertise. Problem!

Which makes me wonder – why are there no “life coaches”? A life coach is someone who knows how to gradually get a person from point A to point B by augmenting their schedule. So, for instance, a drunk wants to land a 60K job. The coach would:
1) Set up a schedule to reduce the amount the individual drinks
2) Help set up a small job to pay for initial expenses
3) Set up a schedule to go to the gym to help the individual get into proper mental and physical shape
3) Help the individual organize life to facilitate growth and aqcuisition of necessary education
etc. etc. etc.

A service for people who know what they want, but don’t know how to get there. A grandmother-type guidance counselor, funded by the government. Actually, now that I think of it, I remember Ilya talk of something that can be volunteered for to help a person get the necessary skills to get a job… but that’s just part of the picture and an individual’s existing regiment may be a weight…


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