Diary: Ms. Copperfield…


So, after a phone call, turns out (or at least she says) that she just decided to block me on a whim. There is, apparently something that bothers her, but she doesn’t want to tell me…

Do I believe her that it’s just a whim? Not sure. There’s something that she might not be telling me, but if there was Dali… Perhaps she was getting bored, perhaps she was just feeling like doing something out of the ordinary… perhaps wanted to figure out whether I am the fluff that would fall off… strange strange people. Surprisingly, I am not angry about it. Relieved is more like it.

Original Entry

First time for everything… I have finally encountered someone who decided to disappear on me. And we are talking the hard-core disappearing, which first led me to believe that something was wrong and she was abducted by wild gypsies (when my e-mails “Are you ok? I am really worried.” seemed to fall into oblivion.) But now, I called her work, and she’s there and is ok.

I don’t get it. This goes against everything I believe in. Makes me feel like shit. I really hope it’s some misunderstanding and will eventually be resolved.

Moral: don’t ever just disappear.


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