News: Arnold wants milk and veggies in the vending machines.

Updated: 03.07.2005 – 10:30pm
How cool is this (use ) or this!!! Wandering between the chocolate and cookies rows at the local Wawa I’ve always been wondering: why are there so few healthy snacks? Is that market being abused?

Consider: kids don’t know any better – they are the perfect market. Moreover, they are resilient for the most part, and by the time the health-related problems hit, it’s too late… Moreover, the parents are largely oblivious and powerless (not to mention that there are other problems that deserve attention). But the end result is that companies end up making money at the expense of children’s health, which isn’t right. Moreover, attempts by the government (or anyone else) to reform this industry probably meet a strong opposition just as clean fuel does against oil. So how can this be resolved?

On one hand I am all for changing laws to get healthy food into schools. But forcing this into the schools might not have quite the desired effect – companies will do just enough to meet the requirements, while the Twinkies will join ranks with cigarettes and Cognac on the black market… well, may be not, but the point is that the effect will be limited. The alternative should be to increase awareness consequently giving companies which pursue sale of healthy snacks a competitive advantage. eThought comes to mind. Going back to the original dillemma of kids ever craving health food and consequently giving the market the necessary impetus. Or is this simply one domain where the government must step in to minimize the negative effects of capitalism and parental neglect…


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