Diary: sire, is that your heart on your sleeve?

Picture by:
Tom Caggiano

I was told that it looks like “my heart is on my sleeve”. As I walked having been given that complement (or at least I hope it was such), it popped into my mind is that one could make a beautiful analogy to palming a coin – what is evident might still be evident, but in the palm, up the sleeve… I flatter myself.

Discovery: I am bothered by the fact that I position myself on the inferior or on the superior, and, even though I hope I do it out of good will, having fallen into the hole of self-perception, it becomes incredibly hard to climb out. Consider – once we come to judgments of other people, we usually reverse them (if at all) only if the pressure is off – i.e. the person being judged distances him/herself (which can be related to NY vs. NJ mentality, as well as associations with judgements… anyway, topic for a thesis, let alone a different post). But in short, it means that telling the person “no, really! I am cool” is as effective as saying “no, really! I am honest!”. And in our age (and my age in particular), with sexual innuendos and desires galore and lack of substance, interactions between people become a tricky business unless both drop their guard eliminating judgment – something that usually takes place when people travel, when they don’t care, or when they find a common cause. And the older we get, the harder it seems to find that common cause… for most anyway.


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