Idea: music + poetry = hypnosis

Imagine. You are sitting at a bar in the back room, a bell rings and a sexy voice says:
“Close your eyes. (echoed)
And now imagine
you are standing on a mountain,
tiny drops of falling rain,
break upon your naked arms,
naked shoulders, naked neck…”


So that you, the entertained are exposed to some unique idea, unique experience that is beautifully crafted (not like what’s above) through words complemented by music. And each show need not be long – it could be barely five minutes, but the purpose should be to induce a euphoric state influencing people’s thoughts through readily available associations. A psychological mood-lifter to replace alchohol…

It’s 1:33… I need sleep. If this makes no sense, don’t hate.



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2 responses to “Idea: music + poetry = hypnosis

  1. Anonymous


    Hey Nikita,

    is this a post about what we had spoken about before? It seems that you are craving something you dare not have–It’s an interesting predicament and yet the logical conclusion is what you are trying to do, create some other item that allows you to create this “idealized feeling” (and which I might add isn’t always a “psychological mood-lifter”) without compromising your personal/subjective ethical system. It will happen my friend, soon enough.


    • Re: hmmm

      It is an is not – it’s actually partially related to what we discussed, though this just uses the verbal medium instead of using technology. Actually spoke to Goldie about this – he’s interested. Now all I have to do is write something down… :\

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