Diary: stupid things Nikita does…

The woman behind the counter at an Indian store next door: One dollar please.
Nikita: Okie (hands over a buck)
W: Thank you.
N: You’re welcome. (takes the purchased Snapple and starts walking out)
W: Good bye.
N: Thanks, you too! (stops) … uuh… I mean, good bye.

Doh! Real story…

However, other uses of “Thanks, you too!” according to some comedian (Seinfeld?) include, but are not limited to:

A: That was a really good jump!
B: Thanks, you too!

A (returning the ticket stub): Enjoy your movie.
B: Thanks, you too!

Watiress: Enjoy your meal.
B: Thanks, you too!

A: I hope you feel better!
B: Thanks, you too!

Moral of the story? The “Have a good day! You too!” is really social conditioning to turn us into sarcastic sadists.


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