Idea: historical data

A web site that would:

a) display graphs for different data in different countries (GDP, electricity, etc.)
b) allow to view data in historical context so that correlations can be found between events and different variables (ex: war in Iraq -> increase in GDP, variables related to freedom (number of political prisoners, crime rate, corruption rate, etc.))

c) periodic polls to collect public opinion that would allow to display public opinion over economic variables and events

A digression from this system is an online polling station that requires not only selection of a position, but selection of an explanation (and if such is lacking, then allows entry of a new explanation). New explanations are evaluated by a group of moderators, grouped, and offerred as choices. Eventually, hopefully, allowing the poll to solidify in a specific position. The bad part is that a single smart individual would probably have little leverage, but then again, it would be the job of the moderators to see potential explanations. The counterbalance is that ALL positions are presented in one way or another with the moderators’ opinions hopefully having minimal effect on the system. Woohaa!


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6 responses to “Idea: historical data

  1. Anonymous

    Cool idea about the world-data-mining. Prediction: Google will have that in beta within a year 🙂


    • Leha, get an LJ account man – GIVE IN TO PEER PRESSURE!!!

      See, SiMX could have it out way before Google – the problem is not in building the web site, but in finding the data. We could do the integration part probably as good, and very likely faster 😉

      (And yes, I know you were joking. I am not thought 🙂 ).

      • Anonymous

        Joking or not, Google got tons of ideas brewing in their beta labs. And they’re pretty good at making people let them use their data. They got libraries sharing volumes and volumes with them. I won’t be surprised if they get access to other databases. It’s just a matter of time before someone decides to correlate this stuff. (I know, I do sound a tad fatalistic when it comes to Google… but that’s a different topic all together.)
        As for SimX, I have no doubt that it can perform the analysis needed, etc…. but as you noted, it’s a very data-driven idea. Who knows, maybe data-mining will experience another boost once people get access to variety of data sources (through Google or not. I’ve only used their API briefly; maybe they’ll come up with something a bit more specialized for libraries and other things they get their hands on). So, next time you go to Amazon, shopping for, say, CDs, in related items you’ll be offered deals on hair products. You’ll be surprised by their decision, but somehow you’ll be drawn to that link. Before long, you’ll have a shopping cart full of diapers and beer.
        For now, I have something else my mind: to get Zhe-Zhe account or not… that is the question.


      • “SiMX can do everything Google can do better…”

        Oh, I agree that Google rocks – ideally, if we could hook up with google (through the API to tap into their data capabilities) or personally so that we could fuse TARGET with their stuff (after all, I have yet to see a system that can do prototyping on the same level), that would be incredibly interesting.

        But here the task might not be exciting enough for google – it’s less of a search thing closer to a reporting system. Actually, the more I think about it, the more interesting it becomes…

        As for Zhe-zhe… it ain’t even a question!

  2. Anonymous

    Check CIA Fact Book

    The CIA world factbook contains alot of the information you’d need. Check — its somewhere.

    • Re: Check CIA Fact Book

      Really? The factbook that I’ve seen (and checked now) only contains the latest info – so would seem useless for time-related things 😦 Or am I missing something?

      Hehe… yeah, or it could periodically be scraped for info… Actually, I wonder how often they update…

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