Musings: thinking about…

Ahh… Just came back from a night of bowling with Lioshka for his birthday… 3:45… ooof… only thing missing is a cute girl to cuddle up to and fall asleep, but, alas, can’t have everything in life all at the same time.

What do people think about when their life becomes a routine? Met a bus driver who might as well be a civil engineer – in his respectable age he spends his time thinking about three things:
– personal to do lists and responses to latest events
– cussing out all the terrible drivers on the road
– analyzing the structure and the problems on the road

That third is most intersting. For instance, when discussing several congestion problems, his solutions included unloading Route 1. How? By turning it into a highway and eliminating exits to lower the traffic. Interesting thought.

Then started talking about trains vs. buses – in his opinion, in the future, the buses will likely push out the trains as buses are far more liquid (he went into more detail). Interesting thought.

Also, he marveled at some of the wonders of NJ. For instance:
1. NJ Turnpike is, from his point of view, an amazing engineering accomplishment in its ability to accommodate the phenomenal load that it sees
2. Apparently, one section of Route 1 over the Passaic and (some other) rivers is a raised highway – used to be the longest raised two-bridge highway possibly in the world. Strange to hear for someone who has thought of NJ a province ever since high school.

Another interesting character: a cab driver named Abdul. Seemed interested in my eThought idea. Interesting discussion that lead to some realizations. Namely, that to be successful, eThought needs to provide benefit to corporate contributors. Advertising? (i.e. why will news organizations or freelancers wish to participate?)

Anyway, should probably start a community once I get the next prototype out.

Off to sleep. About that time.


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