Diary: Musings…

Stuck at work… again… BUT! Interesting experiment is yielding results. Lately, when bored (or when going from point A to point B when my attention was not necessarily concerned too much with my coordination leaving the burden of not bumping me off my course upon the shoulders of passersby) I would attempt to develop what little photographic memory I have. So what I would do is: 1 look at something briefly and 2 close my eyes and attempt to read what’s on it or find features that I did not consciouly register. Was I successful? Not sure. Feels like it is significantly easier to remember things after doing this for a couple of days.

Anyone out there who knows other interesting excercises? What if you take a kid and have it do this on a regular basis – could photo-memory be developed? Anyone wanna donate a kid to the cause? 😉


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  1. Anonymous

    kid donation

    I have a few extra kids to donate…well, that is, if I can find them.


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