Capoeira: MLC and au without hands

Finally am starting to get the MLC (again). Discovered interesting thing – when doing the two-handed MLC, the order is:
1) hand down
2) leg slightly off the ground (when going faster)
3) second hand down
4) use back muscles pushing against the ground to unwind – the kick becomes ridiculously fast

then going from that to a one-handed is easy and the first hand is in position to protect the face.

Also, changed the tragectory. Now am trying to go high initially and then cut accross. Not sure if this is the right way to go, but seems to open up the kick and give more control.

Still am having trouble looking before kicking, but not so much.

Au without hands… oh man, Cabelo helped me out – he is THE man. Combination of how I learned it initially (throwing hands) and his advice to have the face and the torso facing the direction of the movement and going directly down – I think the two are making my move finally resemble what I am looking for… sorta… the same way a croc’s desire to do ballet might be placated by its ability to lift the left hind leg – i.e. I is still ugly.


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