Quote: A Writer

“A writer is not one who writes, but one who is read.”

“Pisatel’ – eto ne tot kto pishet, a tot kogo chitaiut.”
– Andrei, Irina G’s ex-husband.

Apparently this was said during a dispute between two answers to an insistant question of “Why? Why don’t you consider me a writer?”



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5 responses to “Quote: A Writer

  1. zc2

    “Чукча не читатель, чукча – писатель…”

    Do you feel the difference?
    One can write and nobody saw his texts. And he is still a writer as long as he is a reader and thinker too.

    • I am not quite sure what relationship that has to my post :\ Could you please clarify?

      • zc2

        There is some kind of snobbery in that Andrei’s statement. Actually a long time ago I made a similar statement about what to count pop-music and what do not…
        Now I believe a man should create whatever he want even there is nobody who need it. And there is absolutely no difference how to call him.
        Of course he need more and more skills. More skills he has – more right to call himself a writer for instance. Bot it still does not have any sence.

      • Ah, I see. You know, the snobbery aspect didn’t cross my mind. I took it more as a statement in an argument about “what is a writer”.

        The definition proposed by Andrei, I agree, can be demolished by the “pop-music is not necessarily music” argument. But that depends on the context, and I give Andrei the benefit of the doubt that he is not catering to pop culture, and his friend is not a clissic-to-be-post-mortum. Consequently, I think the remark can be seen as valid, and, if no snobbery was involved, indeed humorous (even if snobbery is involved).

        Besides, if we start analysing it from the snobbery position, then doesn’t every argument become a catch-22? You can’t judge another without becoming a snob, which eliminates all judgements, which is absurd.

        I think that perhaps what sets apart adults from children is the ability to discuss things without snobbery. In that case, such statements I think are indeed funny.

        Also, never did he say (to my knowledge) that people should not create. Just that a writer is not necessarily one who just writes, but one who writes well and public opinion is possibly indication thereof. But how does one become a writer if one does not first start as a student?

        I took a literature class from Mark a little while ago, and, having looked at my prose, he said that it’s terrible. I was not offended nor was it snobbery on his part. It was a simple fact that I was a bad writer and, should I want to improve, there would be effort that would have to be expended.

      • LOL. Just reread my own post – definitely not a writer. I think I’ll leave it without revisions simply for entertainment value so that people can laugh at my tripping over myself. Little dothey know that, if I look hard enough, I can probably come up with a valid excuse for that exhibition of nearly super-humen incompetence. At some times Mark is more right than at other 🙂

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