Capoeira: why not?

Hmm… Why not start a Capoeira blog? Writing down movements, sequences… except some teachers might have a problem with that… well, perhaps a friends only version? Blah… Yesterday:

Nt:inv – inverse Negativa where the straight leg is the one further from opponent

1. E2:R, Sw:Nt:L->Nt:inv:R, bring straight leg back and go into AU:L
2. Arm:R:FinB, StepB, CdC:L
3. Sp:MlF:L:MlC:R – All in one movement. B-e-a-utiful.

Notes from Roda:

1. Negativa into hand-stand, skip and hop, and come down
2. Au without hands – Cabelo says look forward and jump up. Radically different from the way I’ve been doing it so far. Feels excellent.

Missing Senzala people and sequences. Less finesse in the Senzala game as it was taught, but the sequences have a very distinct flavor to them – Tiba’s style of teaching and carrying roda feels better, though I wish he corrected people more.

Meia Lua de Compasso – Zumbi’s style is with one hand, which gives speed, but leaves people open to a follow-up meia lua de compasso straight into the face. Tiba’s MLC is both hands on the floor. Speed seems to be initially sacrificed, but the body seems very well positioned… a bit more awekward, better protected… we’ll see how it goes…

Saw Mestre Jelon play with Sabia. Sabia did a gorgeous armada con martelo… only to be hit with a pesau to the head before he even landed… incredible.


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