Musings: evolution…

According to what I recently heard, turtles do not die of old age. Can anyone verify this?

New idea from this weekend: death is not necessary for evolution! But it has evolved to accelerate the turn-over thereby granting the gene pool in question an advantage. Thanks Travis.

Aside: what’s the difference between a booty call and geniunely missing people? How lines do get blurred…



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2 responses to “Musings: evolution…

  1. Anonymous

    an old wives’ tale
    cited article.

    “Because adults have no natural enemies, they usually live a long life and die of old age during the winter. (10) Annual adult survivorship is 93 to 97%, and confirmed annual adult mortality ranges from less than 1 to1.3%, which means that 60% of the individuals reaching maturity will live to age 50. (10, 28, 30, 32, 48) Unlike in any other species survivorship does not decrease with age. (10) The maximum theoretical longevity is 170 years, and longevities over 100 years can be expected especially in the northern populations where the activity season is shorter. (10, 11, 42) Lifespans of over 75 years have been observed. (11)”

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