Diary: another opportunity

A while ago I participated in an fMRI study related to languages… got to see me brain too… my hopes to discover physical evidence mental [untapped as of yet] superiority have failed, but I did meet a professor who asked me what experiments I would propose. At the time I blabberred something borderline coherent and took refuge in the futuristic-looking fMRI machine located in a rather “Gostia iz budushchego” (Guest from the future – Russian movie) decor… decrepit basement undergoing renovation full of construction parapheneilia next to this absolutely incredible invention that will be able to [gasp!] read my mind. But I digress…

The point is that since that day I have been thinking on and off about the experiments restults for which I would be interested in. Or rather questions I would want to have answered. And they all come down to the corrolations between cognitive performance and other variables that we are able to control. For instance, optimal sleeping patterns, diet habits, etc. all related to cognitive performance. Does going on a fast, for instance, indeed increase any abilities or is this a win-some-lose-some game?

Now, with the greatest minds at work ont he subject, there must be available research on the subject. But this is where it gets interesting: what of the means of delivery of those results in the academic community and in the popular medium? Before it was the popular/academic science magazines, but now there should emerge knowledge systems that attempt to present this knowledge in an organized hierarchical manner making evident those things that by now have become obvious truths in those closed communities… and this goes hand-in-hand with lifeTracker – such information could have a very profound effect on effeciency of our society accelerating progress and bringing us closer to fullfilling and overfullfilling our glorious five year plan!!! OK, may be I am being just a bit facetious, but the point still stands.


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