Site Idea & Diary: Audio

Today, amongst musicians, programmers, and physicists, not a single one was able to give me a simple explanation as to why f*(3^n) for n = 0 to 11 gets us all the notes in a 12 note scale without skipping anything over… yet the answer is probably as simple as all things like this tend to be 😦 But realized that I have other questions that need to be answered:

1. Is there a number n for which there exists a m such that f*(3^n)=f * (2^m)… or 3^n = 2^m… at 12:50am… I am still a dumbass.

Update: It’s official – I am indeed a dumbass. Of course such two numbers do not exist! No matter how much you multiply 2 by 2, it will never be a multiple of 3! Ugh… pre-basic number theory… officially branded as: 2 and 3 are relatively prime and so 2 to whatever power will never have a common divisor with 3 to whatever power…

2. What stereo should I get? Got a projector for my room, but don’t have the speakers. Suggestions anyone? Perhaps this might be another site idea: something that offers people a chance to do reviews. Everyone contributes funds to what reviews they would like to see, and then a competition for the best review is set up. Sucks as there is a need for equipment, but then again, there are audio affecionados (sp?) out there who would be able to enlighten. Then the multiple reports could be pitted against each other. Better yet, the reports should not be done on some scale, but in terms of better-than/worse-than, so that a gradation of speakers can be set up… interesting project…


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6 responses to “Site Idea & Diary: Audio

  1. Re: 12 note scales

    Thank you! Who are you? Who am I thanking?

    Will e-mail some time soon. Again, thank you.

  2. Anonymous

    is this a wierd coincidence?

    so i’m walking down 8th from 53rd and see that on 50th and 8th there is an apartment with a projector mounter on the roof (I think to myself, what a great little idea)

    • Re: is this a wierd coincidence?

      LOL. I am thoroughly confused. I am on 53rd and 9th… The only thing I know to exist on 50th and 8th is Rite Aid and the CE subway… so it wasn’t my projector or it wasn’t 50th and 8th or I no longer own a projector… (the only time it was on the roof was when we had a party several months ago and that was on the roof of my place… ) so:
      1) what (or who) is a projector mounter?
      2) what was being played if there was a projector involved
      3) will I find my projector when I come back to my place

  3. Re: 12 note scales

    okie… the e-mail has been sent.

  4. Re: He replied!!!

    With the following links (for those interested):

    Much appreciated!

    (Thanks you, T, for putting me in contact with him 🙂 )

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