Diary: Music, Nuyorican, Mike…

Went to see http://www.yoke.tv/yoke/ – excellent stuff. The singer’s stage presence (+ “axe + chair” ) combination is priceless. Quotes other songs… it’s hilarious. Example: starts doing Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean, and then, half way through the song switches to Russian…

Checked out the nuyorican… a Melting Pot party… a place where dancing being “the soma for the masses” concept starts breaking down as there seem to be ideas, skill, and not too many drugs… or at least I didn’t spot any… still a bit stale for entertainment especially considering the fact that it’s a poet cafe that I’ve been meaning to check out for the past, what, now 5 years? And the one time I make it inside, it’s a dance party (even if a cool one)…

On the way back felt like chatting with someone… so started up a random conversation with Mike at a random coffee place… annoying that we couldn’t just enjoy the conversation, but that the atmposphere was loaded like air in a kitchen when something gets burned – I had to make it explicitly clear that I am indeed heterosexual and that I was not hitting on him… even though it was evident from the get go… these little glitches in communication with people are of definite interest… worthy of mentioning: if I read, it becomes easier for me to communicate with people. If I watch movies, it becomes harder… perhaps because reading is less of a lecture?

Want to… neeed to go to sleep…

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