Musings: the Anthropic principle

Ever since I read The Brief History of Time, my mind has been completely blown by the anthropic principle. The way I understand this concept is that it answers the question of “Why is something the way it is?” The answer is “because if it was any other way, we would not be here to observe it.” For example: why is the thing we call “a ball” have no square edges? Because if it had a an edge, it would have completely different properties and we would not be able to observe its behavior to be as it is now. This is a bit of an extreme example that borders too closely on discussion of semantics (to which all philosophical discussions seem to degrade), but, supposing that a ball could have a square edge (a very abstract supposition), then, in this world, things would roll in a completely different manner, and, therefore, a human being would be be constructed as it is constructed now, thereby we would not be here as we are now. This also, I think at this point, is the best way to understand things. For example, why are there 12 notes in a scale? Because it is the simplest way to construct a scale. If the simplest way was different, we would not be hearing the scale we are hearing now…

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