Diary, Dream: the splitting dreams…

I get up from my bed and decide to try to get myself to do a split. I sit down next to a wall along the right side of my room (if sitting on the bed) and start nudging myself more and more marking the position of my right leg by rubbing it against the wall and because I am wearing shoes, it leaves a small black mark… and eventually I am doing it: a complete spit and it feels awesome!!! and then I wake up. I realize that that was clearly a dream because I was making marks with my shoes – why would I have shoes on my feet in my room? So I stretch, go over to the same wall and decide just to try it out and see if I can actually do the split… I try, and I try, and I make markings with a pencil and lo-and-behold I can actually do a split and it feels incredible and then I wake up again to realize that it was clearly a dream because there is not enough space along the right wall to try a split and there is a box in the middle of the room that I didn’t see before. So I go to the other wall (on the left side), place my foot slightly behind the table as, otherwise, I would not have enough room, and slowly I get myself into the position and careful nudge myself into… a complete split and it, again, feels awesome – just like in the dream. Only, again, I wake up, but this time I feel groggy and sleepy. And that was clearly a dream as I see that there is no box in the middle of the room, nor is there a gap between the table and the wall to put my foot into, there is no exposed wall on my right as it is covered by shelves, and the tiny stretch of open wall on my left is just barely big enough for shoulder-width let alone for a split, and there is no other open wall. So I get up, and, for the heck if it, I go into the hallway, and try to do a split there, and, lo-and-behold, I actually, in fact, do not even come close to a split. And this was NOT a dream.

Amazing that every single time I “woke” up, I felt like it was completely real…

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