Musings: Conscious Sleeping & mind excercises

Saw an article about a person who never sleeps (can’t find it online). Apparently, he is not the only one and there have been other anomalies like him elsewhere – grandma told me there was a guy who stopped sleeping after WWII and another chap in Switzerland – all stress-related. So then, hypothesis: body needs to be still (for whatever reason – recharging, delivery/elimination of whatever) and perhaps sleep is what forces people/animals to “hold still laddie!”. That is, if we don’t move, we might actually remain conscious?

Experiments that might be able to tell if this is possible:
1. Focus training – keep focus on a time while keeping completely still and see if you can extend the time one remains consious
2. Period awakening by a minor stimulus – to keep attention

If something does happen in the brain while we sleep, are there thought patterns that might yield the same effect as sleeping? i.e. can we rejuvenate our brains by doing a particular set of mental excercises? (associative flooding, isolation of specific senses, particular thinking mode).

By association – thinking modes:
1. Subconscious – when solving a math problem you’ve solved many times when the solution process is automatic
2. Vocal
3. Image

Sound and smell, while can be reproduced in the brain (sort of), don’t usually convey structured information thereby lacking concept representation… unless we come up with another language. So all thought is is random manipulation of concepts? Then we can become smarter by increasing vocabulary, speed of recall, speed of storage of new and more complex constructions?


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