Idea, Software: Task Manager

How I love the MSFT task manager… let me count the ways. The information it provides is so astoundingly informative. vsmsvr.exe that takes up 149 handles? Oh, hells yeah! I know EXACTLY what that is! Perfect name too – so aesthetically pleasing yet unobstructive to the eye… really, you guys could not do any better.

Now really, why not combine the power of blogging/wiki and create a web-enabled task manager that would track historical activity of processes (upon request), retrieve their names from the web, and present you with options such as “remove from the start up section in the registry” or “This is a known spy-ware module” or “This is a necessary windows file – DO NOT KILL or your comp will shut down without giving you the time to close your apps”. And, for crying outloud, tell me something about what’s running inside the svchost.dll.

Anyone know of anything like that out there? Any developers who would like to build it? I would, but, in all honesty, I am a second-rate clueless developer-sorta-wannabe.

What would this entail:

1. Building a client that can retrieve identifying info and monitor activity
2. XML-based web service that would return process info
3. Access to the registry
4. Web-based service for entry of information

Doesn’t seem too complicated, and looks like could be a very popular application of popular interests. Aside: this would be an example of a social system where an educated few would guide the uneducated masses getting, in return, the ability to use such a system (financed by ads?)

Update: WinTask5 actually seems to have that functionality… sorta… and cant forget Process Explorer

OK. Back to trying to figure out why Report Manager crashes on my computer and my computer only… joy of all joys.


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