Diary: Cleansing Aftermath

After the fast:

1. Nothing seems unsurmountable
2. I am eating more apples.

I finally understood what my issue with documentaries is: they try to make you believe stuff that clearly isn’t true (or are passing judgement on things that deserve better coverage if judgement is to be passed). For example, in a recent documentary, Hamilton vs. Jefferson is protrayed as the former being a visionary (which he might as well have been, and for which there is plenty of data), and the latter as a, borderline, dimwit. How can you make that sort of antagonization without giving careful analysis, blows my mind. To me (to use a sensitive subject) it’s like saying that Kerry would have been better than Bush because a lot of people died in the Iraq war, for which Bush’s cabinet is responsible. While that may be the case, one can hardly argue that point until coming to an agreement that there was/is an alternative to the Iraq war with net sufferring accross the world being lower than with it. i.e. getting back to the issue of, can the organizations to whose advantage it would be to destroy the Western economy and which are located all over the world, but which are largely located throughout the Middle East be dealt with without the Iraq war?

Haven’t been keeping with the news lately. Not good. Not good.


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