Musings: My problem

My biggest problem is that I want to do too many things, think about too many things, try to do too many things all at once and so end up doing none. What are the ways that this could be addressed?

1. Outside control – school, peers, coaches, etc. Ideally, taking on someone who knows the subject and leads you through a process of discovery thereby providing the most time-effective way of advancing. This is what happenned with this cleansing diet – Mary + idea of punking out were what drove me through the hunger. Should those have been lacking, I would have probably switched to something else, and then something else, and so on and so forth.

2. Careful self-monitoring – a plan, which, so long as not abandoned itself, should allow at least some subjects to progress.

This is where I wish LJ would allow me to branch off into numerous topics/subjects. Perhaps I should adjust my own info-tracking site to do this.

How should I proceed?
1. Enumeration of subjects/endeavors that I want to take on with their respective value levels (i.e. how much they mean)
2. Selection of, at first, a small number of them to pursue for a week. A week, because otherwise I would be likely to lose motivation.
3. Leave time for “other things”
4. Carefully monitor progress
5. At the end of the week, perform this again.

What do I need for this?
1. A good way to write down and categorize my “projects” (this is starting to sound like a cheezy self-help article)
2. A standard way of monitoring progress.

Random notes:
1. Having multiple interests, I am often more interested in answering specific questions, that others can answer for me or have already answered. Therefore, the project at the top should be information integration and some attempt to build a network and a central system for answering such questions.

Associative thought: projects can be divided into:
a) Things I want to find out (how do I do something?) This, itself, can be subdivided. For example, where improvement of personal items is concerned, into outside (behavior patterns), inside (diet, training)

b) Things I want to do (now that I know how to do it, I want to actually get it done.)

2. This process of writing, at this point serves more as something that facilitates thought and promotes associative development of thought, which is very ineffective. Now thinking is something that I feel I can not do – it’s a heuristic process that is usually very short lived in part due to switching between multiple subjects, in part because I have a very poor memory (Q: how do I improve it? Diet? Training? Sleeping pattern?)

Perhaps I should review my own writing on a regular basis to reinforce these ideas… and this is when several distracting, yet related, ideas come to mind: review – might destroy the creative process, takes up time, etc. etc. etc…

Time to go have my first breakfast after the fast. Borsh did me well.



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2 responses to “Musings: My problem

  1. Anonymous


    nikit, your problem is that you make too many fuckin lists. with too many postscripts. really.

  2. Anonymous

    12 note scales

    Hi – If you want to know lots of things about the 12 note scale and other scales/tuning systems used around the world, I suggest emailing Paul @ . He *loves* talking about this stuff.

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