Musings: Personal health system

What is the biggest problem with any sort of monitoring system? Too cumbersome for people to keep using it. With a scale and a fat-measurer added to my arsenal, why not take a scale with a built-in fat-analyzer and plug it into a computer. Then all a person has to do is step on it in the morning and at night to be weighed…

Or… if the floor of an apartment is decked out in scales, then it is possible to:
a) automatically keep track of a person’s weight throughout the day… would be fascinating to see yourself slowly dissipating energy you lose water to perspiration, for instance
b) is a basic building block on the way to automating a personalized house, but this is side-tracking…

Now if there would be a way to keep tabs on other variables… perhaps a wrist-watch with built-in WiFi that takes fat and pulse readings. What other variables should it take?


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