Diary: cleansing – day 4.1

(small cups)
2 cups of juice made from Granny Smith’s
1 cup of V8
1 cup of cran-raspberry

100% fruit juice, with the first 2 cups I made sure of it myself with the newly aqcuired 50 USD juice extractor.

Had a bowel movement, which brings about questions:
1. Was this fiber from days 1 and 2?
2. Was anything taken out of the body that would otherwise have remained there?
3. What is the general length of the food-to-bathroom cycle?

and ideas:
1. A toilet that would take water level before and after urination and bowel movement thereby being able to tell the mass of that which has been deposited. Then this could be uploaded to a site to keep track of things. Perhaps there may be even a way to automatically do basic anaysis of the contents?

2. Perhaps I could consume something undigestable to see the length of the digestion cycle.

Looked at myself yesterday in the mirror and saw something that looks a lot more like the almost-6-pack I had when swimming in highschool. So my guess is that fat reserves are being tapped into. Wonder how long it would be before muscle would start being broken down for glucose.

Hunger level: 3-5
Feel like memory is a bit shot, but that could be just me.



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2 responses to “Diary: cleansing – day 4.1

  1. Anonymous

    you dont deserve food

    for those of us with braces that dont have a choice about eating solid foods, we collectivelly hate you.


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