Diary: cleansing still day 2

OK. Apple+carrot+something-else antioxidant juice in the morning… V8, apple cider, “cranberry and blackberry” juice so far… water, not a lot of movement, which is kinda bad. Though I am a bit afraid of putting myself under anything strenuous given that I still have three days to go. Am surprisingly alert (or perceive myself as such… though I’ve been known to perceive myself witty and a good dancer), surprisingly had several bowel movements, hunger level very low, I’d say a 2 (minimum is zero).

Fingers cold, feet cold (literally). Strange hazy feeling in my head. I feel a bit like this after junk food, which makes me wonder whether I might possibly be experiencing use junk in my body.

Yet again, I am realizing I am completely clueless about my own body.


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