What we need… Idea.

Reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance – not sure if this is one of the books I am bound to finish, but quarter of the way through it in two days is a good sign… bring about some ideas that crossed my mind before:

1. Difference in perception leads to difference in enjoyment. Thinking about something in terms of its components rather than in terms of an ideological system as a whole is much harder to enjoy.

2. What we need is a site that answers questions. A site where the knows can give to the know-nots, possibly for a fee. I have seen such sites before, but they are usually geared towards technical articles. I am suggesting a global research site where the public contributes to a research process. For instance, I am curious about how to figure out an optimal sleeping pattern for myself. I am sure that there are plenty of individuals who also have the same question. So I say, that if I get a satisfactory answer, I will pay 10 bucks. Nobody in their right might would research such a topic for such a small amount, but put together a hundred people like myself, and you got 1000 USD, which is a respectable sum of money for relatively little research. Are there problems with such a system? Sure there are. But I think it may be quite an interesting endeavor.



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4 responses to “What we need… Idea.

  1. zc2


    The most problem of such site is how to draw an attention of the people who knows the answer to the question. Money – is a bad idea. I won’t scan the site for the questions I possible can give an answer to get my virtually ten bucks.

    Also, you know, to ask a right question, one should know more then a half of the answer. Unlikely you’ll get the right answer without that. Take a look on any internet forum, technical or not. People usaly don’t understand the question other asked and their answers about anything but not the subject…

    • Re: site

      But it’s not 10$. The person who answers collects all the money from everyone who wants to know the answer to that question (10$ from me, another 10$ from you, etc.) This way the entity that provides an answer can collect very large sums of money.

      What else other than money would give a sustainable drive to the site?

      As for question, I know what questions I’d like answered, but they amount to, ultimately, what is the correlation between sleep, diet, cognitive, and physiological performance?

      • zc2

        Re: site

        Many people ask easy questions and you theoretically can collect the money. But who will pay for an easy question?.. As for serious questions, the probability of existing enough asking people in the same moment is very few, so you couldn’t collect much.

      • Re: site

        That depends on the architecture of the site – people can browse questions for those resembling what they would like to know. The impetus for that is the higher chance of getting their question answered. And once a person commits money to a question, it can not be withdrawn, so, over months, the sum would grow until the adequate size. And the person relinquishes the money to the person answering the question only when the answer is to their satisfaction.

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