Diary: waking up

Got out of bed at 9:22, got on the bus at Port Authority at 9:30. Holy crap batman!!! As my brother would most likely write “can’t touch this”. And that’s 10 blocks on a Razor scooter. Speaking of which, that mode of transportation gets me quite a lot of attention. A couple of days ago I am cruising, I am chillin, I am thinking about taking my scooter off some “sweet jumps”, when I hear middle/highschoolers holler at me: “Damn man, that’s like ten years old, man!!!”. Or was it “a hundred”? Or one? Anyway, regardless, my retro self felt quite special, albeit I am not entirely sure in what way.

Last night it looks like Mary (my new flat-mate) talked me into engaging in a 5-day cleansing diet… Day 1: I am already starving. But at least I am allowed to eat fruit. Has anyone heard of this thing:

Day 1: fruit and water
Day 2: fruit juice and water
Day 3: water
Day 4: fruit juice and water
Day 5: fruit and water

So long as I don’t go dumb, I think I’ll try it. But if I go dumb, all bets are off.

BTW, saw Sideways the other day. Great movie.



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3 responses to “Diary: waking up

  1. Anonymous


    nikit, are you alive on your diet?
    its 14 degrees today, don’t croak.
    eat something. πŸ™‚

    • Re: lenchik

      A joke – two Russians are talking to each other:
      “Dude! My wife is on this awesome diet”
      “Really? What is it?”
      “It’s a tic-tac diet. One for breakfast, two for lunch, three for dinner, and one for supper.”
      “Does it work?”
      “Oh yeah! She’s so slim! And she always has fresh breath… it’s a bit weak, but fresh!”

    • Re: lenchik

      Lenka, quit being lame – get an LJ account πŸ˜‰

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