A day in the life of absurd…

So, today, I am driving with two friends of my parents: a Bulgarian-born-moved-to-Russia-then-France linguist and a professional poet (already an absurd setup IMHO) and the phone rings with that mysterious tone I know to indicate “Restricted” on the caller ID. I pick it up and on the other end is the same mysterious voice as last night… with, a pleasant surprise: an apology. Definitely gave me a warm-and-fuzzy.

So now, good will returned, my curiosity was (and still is) peaked – not Capoeira, not Russian, apparently we crossed paths at several parties in the past both in NY and NJ, but, to save my life, I simply can’t figure out who it can possibly be. I don’t go to that many parties… I don’t drink… I don’t smoke… I don’t abuse other substances and have no blackouts to my recollection, so, to quote my brother’s blog: “What a conundrum!!!”

So there we are, and, again, I am trying to figure out who it is by getting more clues, and, damn the stone-age battery technology of the 21st century, my cell starts dying… and to spice things up, when the phone finally dies and I relay the story to my two companions, the poet says something to the tune of:
“Mysterious woman – great beginning to a year. And such a seductive voice…”
“You heard the conversation?” I asked (not that the patriot act was running through my head at the moment).
“Only the voice.”

Ladies and gentlemen. I was called by a girl preferring to remain incognito with, according to a poet, seductive voice. And who would know such things better than he?

Charging up the phone now, running through all acquaintances in my head, however fleeting. Not Capoeira, not Russian, NY/NJ… I am really intrigued. Hope she calls again soon. Might need more hints.


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