Cold Water Procedure or How to Never Have a Cold

The following is a procedure that I highly recommend if you would like to deal with or prevent a cold or generally improve your health.

  1. Before taking a shower:
    • fill a bucket with cold water (drop in ice if not cold enough)
    • prepare a large towel (a bed sheet will do if hand-towers is all you got)
  2. Take a regular shower as hot as you want it.
  3. After turning off the water, take the bucket and pour it onto yourself
    • If you are starting out, you might want to keep your head out.
    • The whole process should last only a couple of seconds. It SHOULD be a shock.
  4. Jump out of the shower, grab your towel, and dry yourself. DO NOT RUB, but pad yourself as if you spilled ink onto yourself and didn’t want to smudge it.
    • theory: padding rather than rubbing causes the hairs on your body to stand thus creating an additional layer of insulation
  5. IMMEDIATELY jump into your bed under the covers leaving your nose the only evidence of your existence to the outside. Your body will start generating heat and you should feel very cozy and comfortable.

DO NOT JUST TURN THE SHOWER TO COLD unless you want to get sick. Several people I know tried that route, and ALL GOT SICK. Use a bucket!!! Just switching the shower to cold will become effective after you get the timing and your body gets used to the routine.

Note: You can use this both when you are healthy, as a preventative measure, and when sick as a remedy.

Warning: if you have extremely high temperature, this might not work.

Why you should do it?

Cause you all keep getting colds… which is lame.

Why does it work?

I have no idea. Having talked about it to some medical people, the theory now is that it shocks the body into increasing the core temperature, which helps the immune system.

Does it actually work?

It all started when my little second cousin (Mus’ka) was sick and nothing was working to get the temperature to drop. Then a doctor recommended this procedure and, after much deliberation, it was done. Within several hours the temperature dropped and, within a couple of days, she was completely healthy.

When mom found out, she started doing it to me as a preventative measure.  At the time I was getting sick so often, that I would get “Incomplete” on my report card for gym on a regular basis. After starting to do this, I have NOT had a single cold and my seasonal allergies significantly improved.

Another anecdotal evidence is that, later, already in the US, my entire family would do this with the exception of my brother.  And my brother seemed to get significantly more often.  Having said that, he was probably coming in contact with a wider variety individuals and there could be other causes to his susceptibility to colds, but whatever…


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4 responses to “Cold Water Procedure or How to Never Have a Cold

  1. Anonymous

    re: Cold Water Procedure!!!

    cold showers worked for me. you have to ease yourself into it. when i did it, i never got sick. at one point i was taking purely cold showers for about 2 years. never got sick. i have not done this for about 5 years now.

    i also discovered that taking daily vitamins works. i routinely got sick every winter, 2 or 3 times. 2 years ago started taking daily vitamins, and stopped getting sick.


    • Re: re: Cold Water Procedure!!!

      I dunno. I am paranoid of putting concentration of anything into my body (though am not a health nut by any means…) The bucket of cold water, though, works phenomenally for me.

  2. A song!!!

    In fact, writing about this, I felt inspired. So inspired I even made a song… 🙂

    to be played like:


    If you’re cold,
    And feeling old,
    And your throat hurts,
    And body burns,
    And you really feeling kinda so-u-r,

    Take a bucket,
    Fill it up,
    With cold water,
    To the top,
    And proceed to jump into a sho-o-wer.

    Wash yourself,
    With any water,
    Hot or cold,
    It doesn’t matter,
    Take the bucket and just feel the po-ow-er.

    Pour it over
    from the top,
    Onto body,
    Just don’t stop,
    Jump outside and wrap into a to-ow-wel.

    Don’t you scrub,
    And don’t you rub,
    But soak the water,
    Soak right up,
    Just as you would ink spilt on some pa-a-per.

    Then don’t wait
    And jump in bed,
    I don’t care
    If you’re wet,
    In the morning you will feel quite su-u-per.

    Oh man… oh man… Pink Floyd got nothing on me!!!!!!!!

  3. Nikita – I believe we may share a homeland. In Russia my grandfather used this regularly to ‘zakalitsa’, ie. literally ‘steel’ his body to the cold. On my last visit to Russia I stayed with a friends grandparents who belong to a cult which uses this cold water method along with standing barefoot outside as the principal for health and overcoming sickness.

    A bit under the weather now – going to give it a go.

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