Social engineering through the media…

Going along with the last post , was talking to Sarah’s friend Remy about relationships and the problem that this society has that leads to cheating and negative effects thereof. The problem being:

1. Society expects people are expected to be in a monogamous relationship.
2. Suppose: person A is with person B. 1 -> A enters a relationship with B without wanting necessarily for B to be THE one.
3. A meets C who may be as cool, if not cooler than B.
4. Then A has a choice:
a) Hook up with C, which hurts B, which hurts A, thereby starting off relationship with C on the wrong foot, and ruining chances with B
b) Don’t hook up with C, thereby creating resentment between A and B for chances lost.
c) break up with B to hook up with C, which is pretty much the same thing as a)
d) become friends with C, and then make a smooth transition between C and B if C is a better choice.

Now d) would seem like a good choice, except that in our society d), more often than not, leads to paranoia for both A and B, because B becomes paranoid that it might be left. A becomes paranoid of hurting B. Not pretty.

So how should the society be built? This is where I was stumped. My initial solution is to change the way people think to “I want the best for my partner” sort of love rather than “I want what’s best for me”. Except then, this may lead to promiscuity, which, in turn, would lead to more social problems than we set out to solve – emotional desensitization, increase in STDs, etc. And this, if applied irresponsibly leads to pregnancies, and more children being brought into this world without parents, which would be a terrible side effect not worthy of egotistic ends initially sought. So what would be needed is a global psychological change starting out with growing of reponsibility…

Speaking of birth – it should be a privilege, not a right… perhaps if that was implemented, psychological reforms could be successfull… and how to create such reforms? Support artists who project certain ideas… then art becomes a tool of psychological social engineering… brr, sounds a bit 1984ish…

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