Interesting… post-election…

Ilya wrote:

Pretty comprehensive election polls I thought you would find interesting; note the sender is more republican than I (believe it or not), so his points below reflect that.  My own comments:

  • The media has painted the election results as a huge cultural / religious divide based on evangelical vs. not evangelical.  It appears to be much more complex than that.  For starters, evangelicals / born again are only 23% of the electorate.  Of the other 77%, 43% voted for Bush – a clear minority, but that’s still 38 million people.
  • It heartens me that Bush won high school grads and college graduates.  Kerry won high school dropouts (tiny number) and grad degrees (also relatively small, arguably removed from reality).  Clearly disputes the conventional wisdom that the more educated vote democratic, unless you only count grad degrees as educated.
  • It further heartens me that every income level above 50K voted for Bush.  
  • Final positive note – huge gains among hispanics and jews.  
  • Bothers me that 42% of people think abortion should be mostly or totally illegal.  On the positive side, those numbers indicate that reversing Roe v. Wade will be difficult from a political expediency standpoint.
  • First time voters went for Kerry, but not nearly as overwhelmingly as expected.
  • Final note – doing a little math, 44% of voters for Kerry stated that their primary motive was “against Bush” rather than for Kerry.  Only 15% of voters for Bush stated that their primary motive was “against Kerry”.  Clearly not a successful strategy for the democratic party.

Hope you find this interesting.  Best,


Also, note that 53-45 of ppl who work full time voted Bush.


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