My nikita [at] simx.com e-mail is NOT working right now – terribly sorry 😦

OK. After a late late night, then 12 hours of sleep, again it is 5:30am. And I have:
– made a mistake in choice or restaurant, yet had a good time
– learned some cool new moves at the Shelter with Alfonso
– had an idea about for SRO on the way back and suggested it to Goldie. We’ll see if he likes it. SRO is a tiny bar around the block. I suggested to use mirrors in such a way that when a person looks at a properly positioned mirror in a hole in the wall, he/she sees a tunnel (which, in reality, is running alongside the other side of the wall). This way, in a tiny space, you look out, and see a tunnel anywhere between 3 and 10 meters long with, perhaps, a candle at the end. Trippy.

Can’t think. Only monothoughts like: feelgood. Needsleep. Bed.


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